Monday, June 28, 2004

Simplified DocBook for D.C.

Norm Walsh mentioned in his blog that the folks at Idealliance will be using a subset of Full Docbook, that will be very similar to Simplified Docbook, for the XML 2004 papers this year.

That's great news! I've driven the adoption of a variant of Simplified Docbook for our support documentation on SunSolve. As Bill Joy has said in a Fortune Magazine interview,

"The hardest part isn't inventing the solution, but figuring out how to get people to adopt it."

With the fathers of XML and DocBook, and the members of various XML committees all working here at Sun, I am really surprised that we don't have more everyday folks in the business adopting XML. Imagine the power of data/content reuse and exchange if XML was mandated for use across Sun! Add to that the ebXML Registry and Repository...

Lauren Wood, conference chair, has more about the new conference DTD in her blog.

I can't seem to get travel approval these days, but I'm going to XML 2004, even if I have to pay my own way. It's too important to miss. Hopefully a number of folks from the DocBook TC will be there, so we can have a face-to-face meeting. I also understand that Jirka Kosek will be presenting a paper on Indexing in Docbook, and Norm will be presenting a paper on Extreme Docbook!

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