Thursday, June 24, 2004

RAID on Sun Hardware

Do you know of the best way of performing RAID with Sun hardware?

I've got a buddy who is looking for a way to have duplicated data for his workstations, possibly using RAID 1 for mirroring so that each drive is standalone and able to be bootable without all the other drives attached that may use parity.

For Hardware solutions, I pointed him to:
A PCI RAID card for e250's and e450's (part number X6542A).
The A3500 which is a separate unit with a RAID controller built in.
The A1000 is an all in one disk and RAID controller solution.

On the software side:
Disksuite (included w/solaris)
Veritas / Sun Enterprise Volume Manager

Sun Hardware RAID Storage Systems Administration

As always, for system specific information, I'd check out:

and if all else fails,

Any experts with RAID using Sun Hardware have any tips?

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