Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Fighting with Firefox

I noticed the new binaries for Firefox 0.9 have been contributed to for Solaris, so I jumped at the chance to try it out. Unfortunately, it hasn't been as smooth as the Firefox 0.8 upgrade. When I tried to launch the browser, I got:

Error opening no such file or directory

Since I used pkg-get to install gimp earlier today, I was able to put a symlink in to point to the correct lib. I still get a Killed message in the command line, but at least it runs now!

You can switch to an alternate stylesheet on the fly in Firefox 0.9, by clicking on the artist pallette icon in the lower left corner of the browser! Very cool.

I haven't noticed a huge performance increase with 0.9, but haven't had a chance to poke around (yet). I am hoping that the binaries for Thunderbird 0.7 get contributed soon. There are supposed to be major performance increases there. Thunderbird 0.6 is great, though. The Weather plugin is a very nice feature.

The new versions for both are out for Win and Mac, so I'll have to install them on my iMac and Win boxen @ home.

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