Friday, June 11, 2004

Knowledge is power. Sharing is empowerment.

Got the title quote from a colleague of mine, and have adopted it in my .signature:

Knowledge is power. Sharing is empowerment.

You should really check out the Sun System Handbook, if you've never seen it before. It's THE tool for field engineers, sysadmins, and Sun Hardware geeks.

The team that works on it is really top-notch, and have been working on Sun Hardware for at least 15 years! I am very priviledged to help these guys by trying to automate parts of the Handbook (Full Components List, Service Views, and more).

Historically, there have been only 3 guys creating the content for the Handbook manually in HTML. There are 3 others, including myself, that are bringing XML to the Handbook for automation.

Philosophically, I completely believe that sharing knowledge is a very good thing. That's also why Sun has started! If you know anyone working on Sun hardware, please point them to the Handbook!