Friday, June 11, 2004

Happy Father's Day (early)

My family and I were walking through the Colorado Mills outlet mall, and I begged to stop by the Lego outlet store, and I saw it...

I've been drooling over this set since it was first released. My wife said, "I was going to order this on the Lego site for you anyways for Father's Day, so let's go ahead and get it. This way we don't have to pay shipping!"

Not having to pay shipping is a very good thing. This set weighs as much as a small child!

I was able to show considerable restraint in front of my children by not jumping up and down, but I am an extremely happy man! The set was too big to fit in a bag, so I had to carry it through the mall like a very proud papa.

Interestingly enough, every male in the mall turned their heads to check it out. Most mumbled something about "is that for you, or for your kids?" My silly grin says it all...

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