Tuesday, June 22, 2004

new freebXML Registry releases!

Farrukh Najmi and the freebXML Registry team (formerly ebxmlrr team) have released version 3.0-alpha2 of their royalty-free open source implementation of the ebXML Registry standard.

The new version provides most of the new features of the ebXML Registry 3.0 specifications, though the ebXML Registry 3.0 specifications are not yet final.

This is exciting because the 3.0 specs provide a lot of content management capabilities, which includes pluggable support for content-specific validation and cataloging services as well as content-based query support.

ebXML Registry v3.0 has all of the capabilities of a robust content management system, including validation, workflow, query, metadata, and even delivery for content. Also, being aware of other registries is extremely powerful, both for replication and re-use!

Given the variety of CMS systems deployed at Sun, it would sure be nice if we could standardize on this.

Check it out at: http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net/3.0

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