Monday, June 14, 2004

A member of the CAST

I have been a member of CAST for a while, no not a Persona Dramatis on Broadway (though I had a cousin in the original Chorus Line...) or working for the Walt Disney company.

CAST is the Colorado All-season Spotter Team. I've been to several training sessions, and ventured out on several storm chases as part of this team.

I have been a member of SKYWARN since I originally started at Sun back in 1995. SKYWARN performs a similar public service, as far as watching the skies and reporting severe weather back to the National Weather Service offices.

CAST, however, also takes into account our severe winter weather here in Colorado.

My soul reason for getting my HAM license (KC0BAX) was to have a means of reporting severe weather as part of SKYWARN and CAST.

Now that I've lived outside of Boulder for the last 5 years, I have noticed that the Pikes Peak SKYWARN group seemed to be more active than the Denver group. It is really a shame, since there are so many weather experts in the Denver/Boulder area.

Recently on a storm chase out to Sterling, CO, I met storm chaser Tony Laubach (KCØONL). Even though we both struck out on that chase, it was nice to meet another chaser and swap information!