Friday, June 18, 2004

Java-enable THIS!

Forget what Scott McNealy said about putting a Java chip in every lightbulb. I have found a much more pressing need: Smoke Alarms.

I don't know what law in the universe requires the batteries in smoke alarms to run out just as you are just falling asleep, or when you are in a dead sleep, but it is a universal constant.

Manufacturers "helpfully" designed some of the alarms to chirp every 10 minutes until you change the battery and some they designed to fully sound off for 2 seconds and then stop before you can figure out which one needs help. All very annoying when you are sleeping blissfully.

What we need are Java-enabled smoke alarms that detect low battery levels, and then send you an email and their location or ID number. Optionally, they could place an order for their replacement, just as Scott envisioned with the light bulbs.

If there is an actual fire, er sorry "thermal event", the Java-enabled alarms could detect the smoke, and temperature increase, turn on Java-enabled emergency lighting and notify the local fire department!

All you Java evangelists and Smoke-alarm companies take note, and please make this happen soon. I'm a little short on sleep this week...

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