Saturday, April 02, 2005

Simplified DocBook 1.1 Official Release!

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the official Committee Specification for Simplified DocBook 1.1!

The second candidate release has been out for several months, with no major problems reported.

The major features of Simplified DocBook include:

  • The imageobjectco tag has been removed; it should never have been present.
  • The spacing attribute has been removed from variablelist.
  • The package element has been removed.
  • The biblioref element has been removed.
  • The content model of subscript and superscript have been adjusted so that they no longer contain references to elements not present in Simplified DocBook.
  • adds the subscript and superscript elements.
  • adds the anchor element to a few more parameter entities.
  • adds the anchor element and the remap attribute.
  • introduces HTML tables but no other additional markup.

These enhancements should also make it much easier to convert HTML documentation to DocBook.

I've always been a very strong proponent of Simplified DocBook, and will continue to do so on the DocBook TC. I think these are very positive changes.

Special thanks to Norm Walsh for handling the builds and release of Simplified 1.1, and for putting up with all of my quesions and promptings...

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