Monday, April 25, 2005

A Pleasant Apertif -- DocBook NG: Lillet

DocBook NG is really more of an appetizer for the main DocBook 5.0 course to come later, but Norm Walsh has released the DocBook NG: "Lillet" release.

As of the April DocBook TC meeting, we've also adopted an official namespace for DocBook NG and 5.0:

Norm has Lillet releases for full DocBook NG, Simplified NG (Thanks, Norm!), Slides NG and Website NG! From Norm's post, changes in this release include:

  • Support <annotation>s as per the 20 Apr 2005 DocBook TC meeting.

  • Allow <alt> in more places

  • Allow <area> to have either linkends or xlink:href.

  • Allow floatstyle on <table> and <informaltable>. Remove float.

  • Restore <caption> to <mediaobject>; add it to <figure>, <example>, <table>, <informalfigure>, <informalexample>, and <informaltable>.

  • Change method attribute values to lowercase; make action an xsd:anyURI on <html:form>. Add enctype and accept attributes to <html:form>; support <fieldset>.

    Move the HTML form elements to a separate extended schema.

  • Allow common attributes on HTML table elements; allow orient, pgwide, tabstyle, and floatstyle on HTML table element.

  • Allow <title> to be optional on <equation>.

  • Restored <olink>.

The files for this release can be downloaded at: or Simplified NG at:

Bon Appétit!

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