Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sun and Colorado State University

Sun recently contributed to the Colorado Grid Computing Initiative at CSU. Sun provided two 6800s to create the initial node of a statewide grid computing system that will support the education of college students across Colorado in a variety of disciplines and allow universities to expand their interaction with K-12 schools.

Sun donated hardware and software to other Colorado schools and technology initiatives, but as a 2nd generation Ram, I had to brag about this one!More information should be available at: and

In addition to the hardware and software donated by Sun, we are also providing each grant project with complete installation, training and service support.

Hopefully we will see a lot more involvement and donations to my alma mater!

I am involved in the Online Mentoring Program with the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.If there are any CSU TC students reading this blog, please contact me! I'm here to help.

BTW, Go RAMS! Beat the Buffs this weekend! :-)

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