Monday, September 13, 2004

New DocBook Stylesheets (version 1.66.0)

DocBook expert Bob Stayton has just released a new version of the DocBook Stylesheets at: The .0 is a test release, so expect a 1.66.1 release soon...

Lots of bug fixes and new features in this one! Here are the release notes:

Release 1.66.0

  • A number of important bug fixes, documented in WhatsNew.

  • Now xml:base attributes that are generated by an XInclude processor are resolved for image files.

  • Rewrote olink templates to support several new features.

    • Extended full olink support to FO output.

    • Add support for xrefstyle attribute in olinks.

    • New parameters to support new olink features:, insert.olink.pdf.frag, olink.debug, olink.lang.fallback.sequence,, prefer.internal.olink. See the reference page for each parameter for more information.

  • Added index.on.type parameter for new type attribute introduced in DocBook 4.3 for indexterms and index. This allows you to create multiple indices containing different categories of entries. For users of 4.2 and earlier, you can use the new parameter index.on.role instead.

  • Added new section.autolabel.max.depth parameter to turn off section numbering below a certain depth. This permits you to number major section levels and leave minor section levels unnumbered.

  • Added attribute set to format the line separating footnotes in printed output.

  • Added parameter img.src.path as a prefix to HTML img src attributes. The prefix is added to whatever path is already generated by the stylesheet for each image file.

  • Added new attribute-sets,,, and, so each such element type can be formatted individually if needed.

  • Add component.label.includes.part.label parameter to add any part number to chapter, appendix and other component labels when the label.from.part parameter is nonzero. This permits you to distinguish multiple chapters with the same chapter number in cross references and the TOC.

  • Added chunk.separate.lots parameter for HTML output. This parameter lets you generate separate chunk files for each LOT (list of tables, list of figures, etc.).

  • Added several table features:

    • Added attribute set to add properties to the fo:table element.

    • Added placeholder templates named and to enable adding properties to any fo:table-cell or the cell's fo:block, respectively. These templates are a start for implementing table styles.

  • Added new attribute set for easy modifications of component's title formatting in FO output.

  • Added Saxon support for an encoding attribute on the textdata element. Added new parameter textdata.default.encoding which specifies encoding when encoding attribute on textdata is missing.

  • Template label.this.section now controls whole section label, not only sub-label which corresponds to particular label. Former behaviour was IMHO bug as it was not usable.

  • Formatting in titleabbrev for TOC and headers is preserved when there are no hotlink elements in the title. Formerly the title showed only the text of the title, no font changes or other markup.

  • Added template to set the initial-page-number property for page sequences in print output. Customizing this template lets you change when page numbering restarts. This is similar to the template that lets you change how the page number formatting changes in the output.

  • Added template to set the force-page-count property for page sequences in print output. This is similar to the template.

  • Sort language for localized index sorting in autoidx-ng.xsl is now taken from document lang, not from system environment.

  • Numbering and formatting of normal and ulink footnotes (if turned on) has been unified. Now ulink footnotes are mixed in with any other footnotes.

  • Added support for renderas attribute in section and sect1 et al. This permits you to render a given section title as if it were a different level.

  • Added support for label attribute in footnote to manually supply the footnote mark.

  • Added support for DocBook 4.3 corpcredit element.

  • Added support for a dbfo keep-together PI for formal objects (table, figure, example, equation, programlisting). That permits a formal object to be kept together if it is not already, or to be broken if it is very long and the default keep-together is not appropriate.

  • For graphics files, made file extension matching case insensitive, and updated the list of graphics extensions.

  • Allow calloutlist to have block content before the first callout

  • Added dbfo-need processing instruction to provide soft page breaks.

  • Added implementation of existing but unused default.image.width parameter for graphics.

  • Support DocBook NG tag inline element.

  • It appears that XEP now supports Unicode characters in bookmarks. There is no further need to strip accents from characters.

  • Make segmentedlist HTML markup more semantic and available to CSS styles.

  • Added user.preroot placeholder template to permit xsl-stylesheet and other PIs and comments to be output before the HTML root element.

  • Non-chunked legalnotice now gets an <a name="id"> element in HTML output so it can be referenced with xref or link.

  • In chunked HTML output, changed link rel="home" to rel="start", and link rel="previous" to rel="prev", per W3C HTML 4.01 spec.

  • Added several patches to htmlhelp from W. Borgert

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