Thursday, July 29, 2004

Windows upgrades

Check out these cool window upgrades:

My wife and I found them at Loew's, but on the web, I've found them at:

They're for the home classroom, which I think will improve the learning environment dramatically. Unfortunately, I can't put them in my home office, since it's got the escape ladder...

For the kids, it's way better than looking at steel window wells, and the worst part was cleaning out all the junk that's collected there over the past 5 years. The installation was quick and easy--about 20 minutes. If only Windoze upgrades were that easy!

Speaking of Windoze upgrades, my recommendation: Sun Java Desktop System or Mandrake Linux.

I've upgraded my old Pentium II 266Mhz machine with both JDS and mandrake. Both installs were a piece of cake. The nice part about JDS, is that it came with Star Office and Mozilla already installed. Mandrake was still the easiest, and I love KDE!

That old machine wasn't supposed to work with JDS, but it does. I've even used VPN and worked from home on it! I'm afraid it won't work on my original Dell 486 66Mhz machine that I still have. I've got Red Hat 6.0 running on that beastie, though!

I also have a Win98 box (Pentium III) and a BEAUTIFUL iMac running OS X. Our current favorite is the iMac, by far. And it's a great alternative to Windoze too.

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