Friday, July 30, 2004

OSIS - "a common format for many visions."

I ran across this very cool project while looking for Topic Map projects. While this project is more related to a standard format (XML) for tagging Biblical texts, Topic Maps would be a great technology for Concordance, and other references works.

Steve DeRose and Patrick Durusau are some of the key technologists on the project.

What is the OSIS initiative? The mission of the Bible Technologies Group is to maximize production, distribution, access, use, impact, and preservation of the Bible and related materials from all time periods. Co-sponsored by the American Bible Society and the Society of Biblical Literature, the OSIS initiative plays a key role in meeting this goal by providing a common format to facilitate production, distribution, etc. of the Bible and related materials. Since people engage with the Bible at a number of levels - as literature, as a religious text, etc. - OSIS is "a common format for many visions."

If you are interested in getting involved, check out their site at:

If I can make the time, I'd very much like to help out with this project.

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