Tuesday, July 20, 2004

category info for blog entries (revisited)

I blogged a few days ago about my desire to have additional category information wrapping each entry in Roller.

Thanks to a very helpful comment from Dave Johnson, I have been able to apply styling per category entry in my blog!

You will notice I've added color coding, and some "category tagging" to all of my entries.

Here's my browser test results:

Firefox 0.9Solaris 9Beautiful. The way browsing should be.What? You haven't downloaded this amazing FREE browser yet? Get it here:http://www.mozilla.org. Nuff said.
Firefox 0.9Mac OS XDitto. See previous result.
Mozilla 1.6Win 98Ditto. See previous result.
Firefox 0.8Win 98Ditto. See previous result.
SafariMac OS XClose, but not perfect. It's putting my end tag style (div.after) following the first para, instead of at the end of the div.+1 point for effort
MSN browserMac OS XWhat a hunk o' junk. Nuff said.
Internet Explorer 6.0Win 98I got the colored boxes, but it obviously doesn't know about .before and .after properties. Outdated hunk o' junk.

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