Friday, March 10, 2006

New DocBook releases

Norm Walsh has published the following new DocBook releases:

Version 4.5CR2. This is the Committee Specification version of DocBook V4.5 with a minor bug-fix to citebiblioid. The reference documentation has also been updated.

Version 5.0b4. This incorporates a number of changes including a new "cover" element, a fix for title-ordering in info elements, a few minor renamings, and a build fix to correct the totally unusable XSD files distributed with b2 and b3. The reference documentation has also been updated.

Simplified DocBook V1.2CR1. This fixes a bug in 1.1 that requires a caption on an informaltable. It is also based on 4.5CR2.

The schemas are available here: DocBook 4.5CR2, DocBook 5.0b4, Simplified DocBook 1.2CR1

Thanks, Norm!


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