Thursday, March 09, 2006

Agile Publishing with XML

Michael Fitzgerald (of XML Hacks fame) has written an interesting article on Agile Publishing.

Agile publishing shouldn't need to worry about common tools, as long as everyone on the project is using a common format (XML) and common schema/DTD (e.g. DocBook). Each person could work on whatever section of the document they want using the XML editor of their choice (vim, jedit, Arbortext, oXygen, you name it!) as long as there is some validation prior to checking it back in!

What is desperately needed are more XML editors that support RelaxNG. Thank you oXygen! However, we need the more author-friendly tools to support RelaxNG. (Psst! That means you, Arbortext and XMetal!)


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powwow said...

I just saw this – X-Pubs 2006, Europe’s largest XML content management and publishing conference. Looks like they have Ann Rockley and JoAnn Hackos, plus Adobe, Mark Logic, XMetal, Idiom etc.

Its on 20-21st June in London

Have a look

XML Content management conference