Sunday, March 26, 2006

DITA 2006

I’m traveling home after attending the DITA 2006 conference in Raleigh, NC. In all, it was a pretty good conference. It was definitely the 1.0 conference, as the first day was primarily touting the benefits of DITA and a little lax on technical content.

Being able to chat with the experts like Michael Priestly, Don Day, Robert Anderson, Paul Prescod, Eliot Kimber, Norm Walsh and Bob Stayton was worth the price of admission alone!

By far, my favorite sessions were: Eliot Kimber's "Are you ready for DITA?", Norm Walsh's "Reflections on DocBook and DITA", Jennifer Linton's "Developing DITA Maps", and Michael Priestly's "Specialization"

Stay tuned for a series of posts with a summary of the sessions I attended, and a few pics thrown in for fun! I did try to moblog throughout the conference, but apparently Raleigh was not as friendly to T-Mobile, and my posts never made it to blogger.


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