Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David Megginson's cool new Airport website

David blogged about an issue with Google maps and their use of a mercator projection (a problem if you want to use Google maps in aviation). His post, which was very interesting, also pointed me to a new website he has created:

This is a very cool website for many reasons:

  • You can plot where you have been in the world (via aircraft) and get a KML file of it quickly and easily
  • You can get search on any airport and get aviation info, accident history, photos and many other facts!
  • You can read comments from other members who have visited these airports

Thanks for creating such a useful service/site, David! I plan to use it for all of my trip planning and tracking! Also, if you are interested, you can see all the airports I've been to here:


David Megginson said...

Thanks for the posting, Scott -- I'm glad you're enjoying the site.

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