Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ready to RIDE!

I have never ridden a motorcycle before this weekend, but thanks to high gas prices and a gas-guzzling V8 Dodge Dakota, I was highly motivated and even got the nod from my wife to go ahead!

This weekend I took the Basic Rider Course (certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation) from Thunder Mountain Harley in Loveland, CO.

It was an AWESOME experience! The instructors, Jeff, Tom and Betty were outstanding. I feel quite prepared for riding a motorcycle safely and responsibly. Here are a few pics:

We rode Buell Blast cycles, and I was the only one in my class to score 100% on the written exam! I did get docked 5 points for going too slow negotiating a curve during the riding evaluation, though. In all, a complete success and I can get my motorcycle endorsement on my drivers license!

Next on the agenda: save up for a bike!

UPDATE: Got my license today, so now I just need gear and that bike!


Chris said...

hey! you lookin good and ready to rumble there. thunder through the mountains safely now!

Jason F. said...

Let's hope you ride a motorcycle better than a mountain bike! Or at least with more fear.

Jason said...

I drive right past those dog tracks every day... I always wondered the sort of folks who hang out there. ;) Congrats and look forward to riding w/ you!