Monday, October 18, 2004

Neo/J and Frangelico releases

Busy day today! Norm Walsh has announced the sixth release of DocBook NG, dubbed "Frangelico" (see, and Tim Bray has a post about the new NeoOffice/J patch 3 release (see

It's interesting to see that Norm has included XLink and extendedLink in this version. I hope to get some testing in on this one. I think it's also time for another run at Simplified DocBook NG, which is still at the "Bourbon" release. Wish Norm could hire me to do that!

NeoOffice/J is amazingly cool. I tried using the X11 version of OpenOffice on the Mac, but it was slow and painful. NeoOffice/J has all of the functionality, and is fast. Check it out!

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