Friday, October 22, 2004

Generate documentation with dtddoc

I've just found another useful tool, for those dealing with schemas and documentation...

Lars Marius Garshol has had this tool out there since 2001, but I just ran across it trying to search for Content Model documentation.

dtddoc is a DTD documentation generator which can read a DTD and associated documentation written in XML and generate nicely formatted HTML documentation or, experimentally, DocBook RefEntry documentation.

It can create HTML, DocBook, and XML Topic Map (XTM) documentation, as well as read a DTD and generate a skeleton documentation file.

It's available at: Lars also has a cool list of XML tools available at:

From Lars' tools page, the following DTD documentation tools are listed:

DTD documenters

dtddocLars Marius GarsholPython
DTDDocStefan ChampaillerJava
DTDParseNorman WalshPerl
LiveDTDRobert StaytonPerl
perlSGMLEarl HoodPerl

UPDATE: There's an informative article on this subject at:

I would think there are similar tools for documenting XSD and RNG schemas. If you know of any, please send in your comments!

UPDATE: Kal Ahmed has produced some tools for RelaxNG documentation at: I've also found a for-$$ XSD/WSDL documenter at:

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