Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Storm Chase report!

Today's hazardous outlook held true. As I left work, and got clearance from home, I began my 3rd chase of the summer.

The winds were very strong in Broomfield, and it was quite dark out East. I joined the Northern Colorado weather net on 145.115 and headed out towards Denver International Airport.

I stopped at 104th and Tower, which has a great vantage point. I reported heavy rain and scud, but no organized formations. Since it looked like nothing more than the rain, I decided to head north.

There were reports of heavy storms in Ft. Collins and Greeley, so I headed up Hwy 85. There was more heavy rain around Lasalle and Evans, but only light rain when I got to Greeley.

I decided to hit Hwy 34 to I-25 and then head home. There was a promising storm forming near Lyons, moving toward Longmont, which would work well for me on my way home. Heavy rains brought traffic near a standstill when I got to the Dacono exit, and I called in a report.

With no tornadoes, I should have stayed home. Especially since my wife and kids experienced this at the house!

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