Friday, January 16, 2009

More Obamination

Unbelievable. I happened to be perusing iTunes and noticed a custom album that is on the "hot list". It's an album called "Songs about Obama". I have no idea if any of it is any good (looks like a lot of rap to me), but here's the list of songs:

It's a New Day 3:39 It's a New Day - Single  $0.99
Obama Song  4:09 Michael Franti & Spearhead Obama Song  - Single  $0.99
Vote for Hope (feat. Barack Obama) 4:49 MC Yogi Vote for Hope - Single  $0.99
Yes We Can 3:16 Obamabots Yes We Can - Single  $0.99
Black President 4:28 Nas Nas  $0.99
Yes We Can 2:36 The Power Of O Yes We Can  $0.99
World of Friends (Song for Obama) 4:50 Garrison Davis World of Friends (Song for Obama)  $0.99
Work to Do (Obama 08) 5:15 Kidz In the Hall Geniuses Need Love Too  $0.99
We Want Obama 3:02 We the People We Want Obama  $0.99
We Believe 3:10 Chubb Rock Obama We Believe  $0.99
Barack Obama 4:12 Cocoa Tea Yes We Can  $0.99
If I Was President (Live) 3:49 Wyclef Jean If I Was President (Live) - Single  $0.99
Vote Vote Obama Vote 4:25 Henry Love Vaughn Vote Vote Obama Vote 08  $0.99
This Incredible Moment - Full Version 2:59 DEE And The SOT Obama Victory Song 'This Incredible Moment'  $0.99
There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama 3:28 Corrigan Brothers There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama - Single  $0.99
Rock Obama (Mahalo America) 4:19 Scott Katsura Rock Obama (Mahalo America)  $0.99
Our Colors Won't Run (Obama for America) 5:02 Nigel George OUR COLORS WONT RUN (Obama for America)  $0.99
Obama You 3:38 Joey Pearson Obama You  $0.99
Obama Vote Song-2008 4:11 Jeff Logan & Various Artists Obama Vote Song-2008 - Single  $0.99
Obama Time 4:29 Madame Star Obama Time  $0.99
Obama Rock (Save Our Country!!!) 3:37 The Obama Mamas Obama Rock: Save Our Country!!! - Single  $0.99
Obama Power: A Song for Barack 2:38 Lou Del Bianco Obama Power: A Song for Barack  $0.99
Obama Obama 3:31 Millennium Obama Obama  $0.99
Obama Obama 5:10 Dynamq Obama Obama - Single  $0.99
Obama Gonna Get It 3:46 The Steelers Steelers Love You (featuring Obama Gonna Get It)  $0.99
Obama for Change 4:38 Michael Droste Obama for Change  $0.99
Obama for Change 5:36 Kenge Kenge Obama for Change - Single  $0.99
Obama Anthem - Yes We Can (Come Together) 3:11 Talat & Various Artists
Obama Anthem - Yes We Can (Come Together)  $0.99
Obama 2:48 Washington Salsa Band For the Presidency  $0.99
Obama 3:04 Pistol Opera Obama - EP  $0.99
Obama 8:04 Extra Golden Hera Ma Nono  $0.99
Obama 3:20 Rankin Cobra Obama  $0.99
Obama 5:00 Ridi Obama - Single  $0.99
O! Oh! Obama! 3:57 La Compagnie Créole O ! Oh ! Obama ! - Single  $0.99
O-B-A-M-A , Obama (Obamagroove) 5:08 Joseph "Ziggy " Modeliste O-B-A-M-A, Obama (Obamagroove)  $0.99
New Beginning 3:34 Luke Parkin Anthony Ross and Maris Moon Obama 08 Version  $0.99
Mr. Obama (Tribute Campaign Song) 3:26 Tony Ballard Mr. Obama - EP  $0.99
I'm Standing Up With Barack Obama 1:22 Rodger Collins I'm Standing Up With Barack Obama  $0.99
Goin' Places (The Barack Obama Song) 4:50 Ozzie Bostic Goin' Places (The Barack Obama Song) - Single  $0.99
God Bless Obama and Supporters 4:27 Dishu Productions The Making of History: Barack Obama  $0.99
Change the World (Tribute to Obama) 2:58 Nikko Change the World (Tribute to Obama)  $0.99
Change 8:04 The Evangelist Ulus Dye Jr. Singing Change for Barack Obama  $0.99
Black President Obama 3:27 Mad White Jamaican & Splurt & Obama Black President Obama - Single  $0.99
Barack Obama Victory Song 7:42 SamO and the band JFC Barack Obama Victory Song  $0.99
Barack Obama My Heroes 5:00 Roy Medina Barack Obama - My Heroes - Single  $0.99
Barack Obama (Root Version) 4:40 Blakk Rasta Barack Obama - EP  $0.99
Barack Obama 3:34 Soca General Time F4 a Change  $0.99
Barack Obama 3:55 French Fries Barack Obama - Single  $0.99

Personally, I prefer "The Presidential Rap" that came out during the Reagan era about The Gipper!

So, we know that the media and music industries are both worshiping this man, and people on the street are almost proclaiming him a messiah!

Those are some pretty big expectations to fulfill. I was in an American Politics class in college, and one of the key papers we wrote was about the unrealistic expectations placed on ANY candidate in this modern era -- basically that any modern president will be "unsuccessful" or unpopular because of the loads of expectations placed on them. That said, they tend to bring it on themselves when they make tons of exaggerated promises that they can't fulfill!

Well, Mr. Obama, I sure hope your promises of "Change" are for the better. I'll go on record right here and now: I don't think things will really change. Look at his cabinet: it's primarily the same Capitol Hill gang from Clinton. It'll be business as usual, except that the Democrats will push their social agendas through at the cost of the American taxpayer. Our debt will continue to skyrocket, the economy will keep swirling toward the bottom of the toilet.In four years, I'll be able to say "I told you so."

I'm more than happy to be proven wrong, but at this point, I remain firmly skeptical.



"OBAMA" by Pistol Opera is the best (and funniest) song

Anonymous said...

#38 Mr. Obama It's THE BOMB!
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