Monday, September 11, 2006

Outstanding Boston DITA User Group!

As you can tell from my moblog pics from today, there was quite a crowd at the Boston DITA User Group meeting tonight! I had the pleasure of attending with David Schell and Michael Priestly from IBM, and Dave was the guest speaker.

I also had the pleasure of meeting both Nancy Harrison (with whom I've known on the DocBook TC for a number of years, but not met in person) and John Hunt (from the DITA Learning SC). I also saw Chris Wong, who is also on the DITA TC, but regretably was not able to meet.

Also in my "interesting new acquaintances" for the evening was Bob Doyle, creater of the Merlinand editor of the CMS Review, among many other notable publications and achievements! Bob also worked as the Coordinator of the NASA Ground-based Observing Program for the SkyLab missions! Bob is a very cool guy in my book!

If you are involved in DITA in the Boston-area, but not involved in the User Group yet, you really missed out tonight! Get more info here: and get involved!


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