Monday, September 11, 2006

DocBook stylesheets 1.71.0 released!

Michael Smith has released the latest DocBook XSL stylesheets (version 1.71.0). This is the experimental release, to be followed shortly with v.1.71.1 if no problems are found.

This release incorporates a number of bug fixes, and also 2 new features:

  • source-code highlighting in output of programlisting instances (controlled through the highlight.source parameter). See
  • Changes to autoindexing. With this release, none of the code for the 'kimber' or 'kosek' methods is included in the default stylesheets. In order to use one of those methods, your customization layer must import one of the optional stylesheet modules:
    • html/autoidx-kosek.xsl
    • html/autoidx-kimber.xsl
    • fo/autoidx-kosek.xsl
    • fo/autoidx-kimber.xsl

You can download the latest stylesheets here.


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