Monday, July 24, 2006

Now Podcasting Via Talkr!

I first found out about Talkr from Rich Burridge, but was quickly disappointed to find out that it only supported RSS feeds. I submitted an RFE, and within just a few weeks, the folks at Talkr have added support for Atom feeds!

Now, anyone on Blogger or other generator of Atom feeds can have their blog podcasted via the Talkr service. It's a great service, as you can download your favorite blogs to your iPod. Even better, it makes your blog more accessible for the seeing impaired!

Thank you to the folks at Talkr for creating such a helpful service, and adding support for both Atom and RSS. You can listen to this blog at:

I've also added the Talkr feed icon icon to my blog template for easy subscription to the podcast.


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