Thursday, May 25, 2006

IPBuddys: a new eComic!

My son, Connor, has created a pretty cool comic series about two computers in the networked world. The computers? Right now, a PC laptop and an iMac. Perhaps at some point he can add our old Pentium II-266 tower and 486 desktop!

Originally, he wanted to call it "Saturday.COM", but that name is currently taken, even though that URL doesn't seem to respond. I tried to help him come up with a new name, and eventually settled on "IPBuddys".

He's publishing on Blogger for now. If you have any suggestions of a better place to publish a comic, send me a comment!

You can view IPBuddys at: What an amazing time we live in, where even an 8-year-old can share his creativity with the world!

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1 comment:

IP Buddys author said...

thanks for the publicity Dad!