Sunday, January 29, 2006

Roving Mars rocks!

We saw the new IMAX, Roving Mars, today!

It is absolutely incredible. Since I've been working with the Boeing Delta folks, it was especially impactful seeing the Delta II launch! I think that entire segment leading all the way to the rover bouncing and unfolding on Mars was my favorite part.

All of our kids really liked it, especially Connor (my Space Camp buddy!). I would highly recommend seeing it. If you get a chance, Magnificent Desolation is also a great IMAX to see. We waited too long, and we missed seeing it in Denver. I did get a chance to see it at the Smithsonian Air & Space, though.

If you haven't noticed, not only am I a space nut, but I'm also a huge Mars nut! I've always dreamt about what it would be like to walk on the Red Planet. We did an activity back when they launched the rovers, where we went on a rock hunt and sent in the rock to the Univ. of Arizona.They analyzed it with the same mass spectrometers that they used on Spirit and Opportunity and sent us the report and a certificate!

It's amazing how long those rovers have been able to continue operating. You can see more of Spirit and Opportunity at the JPL website.


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