Friday, January 27, 2006

Listening for SuitSat

This is pretty cool! I'm going to have to try to listen for this with my mobile Ham rig:

Astronauts turn spacesuit into satellite | The Register: "all you need is 'an antenna (the bigger the better) and a radio receiver that you can tune to 145.990 MHz FM' to catch the 5-10 minute flyby as SuitSat passes over (you can calculate your next scheduled visit here).

What you'll hear is a 30-second transmission, followed by a 30 second pause followed by the message: 'This is SuitSat-1, RS0RS' and a prerecorded greeting in five languages. The transmission ends with an English-language report on 'telemetry: temperature, battery power and mission elapsed time'."

For more info, please visit: and Thanks to Joshua for the extra links!

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