Thursday, February 10, 2005

Time for an IPA

Norm Walsh has just released the 9th version of DocBookNG, code named: IPA

This release includes:

  • Added citerefentry and citebiblioid to the list of elements that can appear in bibliography entries; removed titleabbrev.

  • Reduced the content model of a bunch of inlines (command and others that were way to broad).

  • Added link, xref, superscript, and subscript to the list of “ubiquitous” inlines.

  • Added date to the list of publishing inlines.

  • Added some inlines to computeroutput and userinput.

  • Added some new exclusions (preventing admonitions and formal objects from being nested; removing some of the same from footnote).

  • Removed the highlights element. A candidate for the role attribute if I ever saw one.

  • Fixed bug that didn't allow sect1 in article when numbered sections are included.

Check it out!

BTW, Norm, I know I always bug you about this, but can you please create a version of IPA for Simplified DocBook?

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