Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Connor's Weather Service: That's my boy!

Nick O'Kelly from 9 News in Denver requested kids send in audition tapes for a chance to be on a morning weathercast with the Weather Whiz Kids contest.

My oldest son, Connor, and I went to work gathering the latest weather data from Denver/Boulder Severe Weather at the National Weather Service.

We put together a script, and he drew up a map of Colorado with a few significant current temps from the viewing area.

Next we did a practice run (we only had a week to get a tape/DVD in for the studio deadline), and then filmed it on our new Sony digital camcorder.

We took the camera up to the iMac and captured the clips in iMovie, put together a quick intro image in iDVD, dragged the iMovie over, and burned the DVD!

I sent it in, and we waited, and waited. Yesterday, during the morning show, they featured Connor's audition! We didn't tape it, unfortunately, but lots of friends and family saw the segment and called or emailed in to our new TV star!

We still don't know if he's won a spot on site at the studio, but his clip is featured on the 9 News website at:

I'm so proud of my little weatherman!!!

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