Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Scaling quality using Schematron

Do you have limited editorial staff or resources? How do you ensure content quality in spite of an ever-expanding set of content and the unrelenting pressure to deliver that content quickly? In this presentation, we’ll get you started using Schematron to scale your quality control initiatives! When integrated with an XML editor, Schematron provides real-time analysis and feedback to authors to ensure that content follows defined editorial rules. (Remember, we rely on DITA to establish and control structure, but DITA is silent regarding the overall linguistic quality of content.)

You will learn about the process of converting editorial style guide rules to Schematron, including what makes a good Schematron rule. We will provide tips and best practices based on how we implemented Schematron at Jeppesen. You’ll learn which editorial challenges lend themselves to Schematron solutions and which are too linguistically complex and require a human editor.

I'll be presenting on this topic at the CMS / DITA North America conference in San Diego, April 24-26, 2017. Please plan to attend!

URL: https://cm-strategies.com/2017-cms-conference/agenda-day-3-2/hudson-schultz/

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