Thursday, April 09, 2015

Talisman: Rome now available on Talisman Island

Several years ago, my friend Cameron Crawford and I developed a fan expansion for the board game, Talisman (2nd Edition) from Games Workshop.

I am a huge fan of ancient Rome and the Roman Army. Cam is a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology. We decided to combine our interests and our love of the Talisman board game to create Talisman: Rome. Most of the artwork is lovingly borrowed, so we cannot sell our creation nor can others sell it.

Thanks to some templates provided by Jon New of Talisman Island, I recently updated Talisman: Rome for Talisman (4th Edition) from Fantasy Flight Games.

Both versions are available for free download from Talisman Island.

I also had the expansion printed by Print and Play Games. The results are terrific!

I hope others with similar interests in board games, Talisman or ancient Rome will appreciate this labor of love!

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