Friday, March 21, 2008

Problems in the air with a new Airbus 320

My flight home last night from DC was on one of Frontier's brand new Airbus 320s. While they didn't have any onboard TV this week, that was not the problem I'm talking about! We had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis because of cabin pressurization problems.

We were wondering if the oxygen masks were going to deploy, or if our eardrums were going to burst! Apparently, the cabin pressure kept climbing after the pressurization controller failed. The captain said it got to 9000 feet of pressure, and the the masks wouldn't have deployed until it reached 14,000 feet. I don't know what the standard pressure is for a normal flight.

The pilot was very professional and got us information quickly and had the plane on the ground in 15 minutes. I can only imagine the coordination that had to happen to get us down that fast! After a 30 minute repair and an hour of paperwork, we safely finished the flight back to Denver.

I still don't really like takeoffs in this new plane. It feels like the plane is a little soft or shifty in the tail.

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