Thursday, February 07, 2008

DocBook v5.0 now an official Committee Draft!

I'm pleased to announce that DocBook v5.0 is now an official Committee Draft! The schema can be downloaded here:

This is the result of several years work. Special thanks to all of the Committee members involved:

    * Steve Cogorno, Sun Microsystems
    * Gary Cornelius, Individual
    * Adam Di Carlo, Debian
    * Paul Grosso, Arbortext
    * Dick Hamilton, Individual
    * Nancy Harrison, IBM
    * Scott Hudson, Individual
    * Mark Johnson, Debian
    * Gershon Joseph, Tech-Tav Documentation Ltd.
    * Jirka Kosek, Individual
    * Larry Rowland, Hewlett-Packard
    * Michael Smith, Individual
    * Robert Stayton, Individual (Secretary)
    * Norman Walsh, Sun Microsystems (Chair, Editor)

Next step: OASIS standard!

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