Friday, December 07, 2007

VISAGE, Air Traffic Control and Google Earth!

Flatirons is doing some VERY cool work with the FAA. One result of this work is a tool called VISAGE, a geospatial visualization and analysis tool that processes data into files that are loaded into Google Earth. These faces of VISAGE provide aeronautical viewing for the FAA legacy En Route system adaptation (ACES) and the modernization effort (ERAM).

You can check out the solution brief here:

If you are interested in seeing a demo, check out one of the following links:


The Cybernetic Entomologist said...

Neat... although whoever thought it was a good idea to use a RealPlayer format should be slapped severely about the head and shoulders with a wet salmon, repeatedly.

The Cybernetic Entomologist said...

Hey, since you guys also do stuff with Digital Asset Management, we should talk - DAM is a hot topic at work, and we'll probably be looking at something in 2009.

Scott Hudson said...

That would be great! We do, indeed, work a lot in the Digital Asset Management space. Let me know when you are ready to chat about it further!