Monday, October 08, 2007

Doc Standards Interoperability Framework whitepaper now available!

Jim Earley and I have presented about the Doc Standards Interoperability Framework at XML 2006, DITA West 2007, Open Publish 2007, OASIS Symposium 2007 and DITA West 2007.

The whitepaper is now available at:
This whitepaper contains greater detail on the business case for interoperability, as well as specifics on the framework. If you are interested in exchanging content between DocBook, DITA, ODF and/or other document standards, you should definitely check it out!

We are still working on the charter for the proposed OASIS Doc Standards Interoperability TC. Hopefully we can get that finished soon to form the TC before year-end.

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Antonio DaSilva said...

Great Scott!

Fantastic white paper!

I've been waiting for this since I don't know when, and was delighted to see it's release.

When I presented my "DocBook and DITA" talk at OpenPublish, I had a chance to see Jim's interoperability presentation, and it left me eager to learn more.

You fellas have really done something important here. Thanks so much for your outstanding work.

Tony DaSilva