Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Talisman Rome expansion!

Every year my friends and I gather for an annual Talisman tournament. Talisman is an adventure board game published by Games Workshop.

As part of the fun, we have created multiple expansions that are allowed in the tournament. My labor of love has been a Rome expansion, since I'm a huge Ancient Rome buff. It's now available for non-commercial use at Talisman Island, a fan site. Here's a link to a preview and the download.


Anonymous said...

Hi I've just looked through the Rome expansion and had a question. The rules mention the Road to Rome card as the way to get to the Rome board but I couldn't find the card in the zip file. Is it missing or have I missed something?

Scott Hudson said...

I assume you mean the zip posted on Talisman Island. I'm really not sure why it would be missing from the zip file. This is site is kinda super secret, but check this out:

Hope this helps! Ave, Caesar!


vincent said...

Hi! I had the same question about missing *road-to-Rome" card but you answer it.

Nevertheless, I've some others questions.

How Leadership works ? The rules say nothing about it.

what does means blue and red letters on some cards ? (L is for Leadership I suppose)

Are some other cards missings ? Where is Ballistae, Barding, other gladiator's weapons, ...

Is the file on Talismanisland complete ?

thank you for your help.

Morituri te salutant

You did a great work. This is a nice expansion.

Scott Hudson said...

Thanks so much, Vincent! It has been a labour of love. There are a lot more details on and

Red is usually Strength, and Blue is Craft. Leadership applies to how many Followers you are able to Lead. It is usually Craft -1 for how many Followers you are able to Lead. Some Followers are more difficult, so may have a higher leadership burden.

I'm not sure when the last time TalismanIsland was updated with the files. Send me an email at my gmail account (shudson310) and I can put you in touch with Cam. He maintains our files and was the host of our annual Talisman Tournament!