Monday, April 02, 2007

Free Fallin'

To celebrate my friend, Lee Martin's, 30th birthday we went indoor skydiving on Saturday. We had both always wanted to go skydiving, but never had the opportunity. Thankfully, Lee's wife found SkyVenture (!

The indoor skydive was a very non-stress and fun environment. Our "freefall" lasted only 2 minutes per dive, but it was so much fun! An instructor was close by to give direction and correct any balance issues. He also did some tandem stunts to keep it lively.

With the indoor skydiving, you don't have to worry about chute failure or bugs in your teeth, either! We even got a DVD and flight certificate to commemorate the event. I highly recommend it.


doug.hess said...

how much was indoor skydiving?
( to respond)

Scott Hudson said...

The rate was about $25/minute, I think. This is the actual air time cost. You also get a training session and DVD recording included.

doug.hess said...

I actually went ahead and did this with my sister a while back when I visited last summer. Thanks for telling me what price it was because it was well worth it. Going indoor skydiving, even though I would have done the real thing, was still great.