Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DITA 1.1 approved as Committee Draft!

The OASIS DITA TC has unanimously approved DITA 1.1 as a Committee Draft. The announcement for start of public review from OASIS should come soon.

This is an important achievement, as it includes the long-anticipated bookmap and glossary specializations and the following new extensibility features to the DITA standard:

  • A bookmap specialization for encoding book-specific information in a DITA map
  • A glossentry specialization for glossary entries
  • Indexing specializations for see, see-also, page ranges, and sort order
  • Improvements to graphic scaling capability
  • Improved short description flexibility through a new element
  • Specialization support for new global attributes, such as conditional processing attributes
  • Support for integration of existing content structures through the <foreign> element
  • Support for new kinds of information and structures through the <data> and <unknown> elements
  • Formalization of conditional processing profiles

I will send out the URL to the Architectural Spec and Language Reference when they are posted to the public review site.

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