Tuesday, January 23, 2007

DocBook XSL 1.72.0 released

The latest versions of the DocBook stylesheets have been released on sourceforge here. Included in this 1.72.0 release are the base docbook stylesheets, as well as docbook5 stylesheets.

The release notes can be found here, but essentially the highlights include:

  • Automatic sorting of glossary entries
  • WordML renamed to Roundtrip, OpenOffice support added

    Stylesheets for roundtrip conversion between documents in OpenOffice format (ODF) and DocBook XML have been added to the set of stylesheets that formerly had the collective title WordML, and that set of stylesheets has been renamed to Roundtrip to better reflect the actual scope and purpose of its contents.

    So the DocBook XSL Stylesheets now support roundtrip conversion (with certain limitations) of WordML, OpenOffice, and Apple Pages documents to and from DocBook XML.

  • Including QandASet questions in TOCs
  • Language identifier in man-page filenames and pathnames
  • index.page.number.properties property set
  • Crop marks in output from Antenna House XSL Formatter
  • More string-substitution hooks in manpages output
  • Moved verbatim properties to attribute-set
  • enhanced simple.xlink template
  • DocBook 5 compatibility

    Stylesheets now consistently support DocBook 5 attributes (such as xml:id). Also, DocBook 5 info elements are now checked along with other *info elements, and the use of name() function was replaced by local-name() so it also matches on DocBook 5 elements. These changes enable reusing the stylesheets with DocBook 5 documents with minimal fixup.

  • HTML class attributes now handled in class.attribute mode
  • arabic-indic numbering enabled in autolabels

As always, the .0 release is the test release. A follow-on .1 release should follow shortly if no errors are reported.

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