Friday, August 11, 2006

Scotland Bound!

Flags of Scotland

My wife and I are headed for Scotland tomorrow for two weeks!

Thanks a lot STUPID FREAKING TERRORISTS! I get to carry on my wallet. No iPod, no books, nuthin. And we had planned to travel the entire trip via carry ons so they wouldn't lose our luggage. Now they might lose my iPod, camera, video camera, travel vouchers and maps in my checked bag, and I'll look EVEN MORE like a clueless American!

We bought an iPod Video as an early 10th Anniversary gift this year in anticipation of the long flight over, and as a storage medium for our digital photos (when my SD cards got full). Now, we'll only get to use it for the photos, assuming they don't lose it all...

If I ever find Bin Laden or any of his evil followers, they're going to get a Sgian Dubh where it counts... Oh, wait, I can't carry that on a flight either!

At this point, Scotland the Brave is going to mean "braving the security lines and restrictions". It's worth it though: I hope they catch every one of those wicked blokes quickly -- and I STILL get to go to Scotland!


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Erica said...

I hope that you are having a wonderful time! Can't wait to see some pictures and hear some stories!