Monday, June 05, 2006

New DocBook schema releases: 4.5RC3, 5.0b6

Norm Walsh posted releases of DocBook V4.5RC3 and V5.0b6 during my vacation last week.

The new version of 4.5 corrects an SGML parsing error reported with CR2. While the schema is an official DocBook TC release, this will delay the official release as an OASIS standard.

The 5.0b6 includes the person and org elements I fought hard for, as well as some changes to allow MathML and SVG in imagedata, modifier to appear in more places (for aspect-oriented programming docs), and db.publishing.inlines allowed in db.bibliographic.elements.

The schemas are available at: 4.5CR3 and 5.0b6

I also got my DocBook shirt and bumper sticker last week. They look great!


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