Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Playing the Spock Market

The new G4 network has come out with some interesting new shows. Slightly amusing is Bonzai, but the best is Star Trek 2.0!

I found out about it from an ad on MeeVee (who says internet ads don't work?). The show plays uncut classic Trek episodes, but also provides a ticker for the "Spock Market"

Basically, you sign up for a free account where they start you with 100000 Federation credits to "invest". There are a variety of "stocks" you can buy, and based on the episodes that air and other random news events, the value of those stocks change.

For my starting portfolio, here's what I got for my 100000 credits:

  • SPK (Spock): 10
  • MDM (Dr. McCoy): 5
  • SCT (Scotty): 100 - why not? This is Scotty's Engineering Log after all!
  • CKV (Chekov): 25
  • DMI (Dilithium Mining and Mineral): 45 - hey, who figured out how to re-crystalize in ST IV?
  • PHP (Starship Phaser and Photon): 1
  • WRP (Cochrane Warp and Impulse): 5
  • RAC (Robot, Android and Clone): 15
  • RDS (Red Shirt): 2 - because everyone needs a couple of Red Shirts, just in case...
  • TRS (Transporter): 50 - what did Scotty work on besides the engines?
  • PHZ (Hand Phaser and Blade): 25
  • KRS (Klingons, Romulans and More): 25 - I've always liked the Klingons! Qapla'!

I figured this would give me a pretty balanced portfolio. We'll see how this Enterprise works out...

You can give it a try at:

UPDATE (4/26): My current net worth is 24,293,485 FDR!

  • JTK (Kirk): 1006
  • SPK (Spock): 75
  • MDM (Dr. McCoy): 167
  • SCT (Scotty): 100
  • CKV (Chekov): 10
  • DMI (Dilithium Mining and Mineral): 200
  • PHP (Starship Phaser and Photon): 10
  • COM (Communicator): 1
  • TSP (Tricorder, Sensor and Probe): 10
  • WRP (Cochrane Warp and Impulse): 10
  • LOG (Starship Log and Computer): 2
  • FED (United Federation of Planets): 200
  • RAC (Robot, Android and Clone): 130
  • RDS (Red Shirt): 100
  • TRS (Transporter): 23
  • UPP (Universal Planet and Planetoid): 205
  • PHZ (Hand Phaser and Blade): 10245
  • KRS (Klingons, Romulans and More): 40

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