Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blogger Categories - Thanks Freshblog!

By now you have probably noticed my new Topic links on the right side of my blog. This is all thanks to my friend Jason (for pointing it out to me!) and Freshblog!

Prior to this, I had only bookmarked my links (on the left side of my blog) in It was a bit of a pain to go back through all 242 of my blog entries and tag them in, but I think having the Topic categories for my blog entries is definitely worth it, and improves some of the user experience on my blog.

I also quickly realized that I have a lot of tags, so I had to adjust the tagroll to only display my top 25 tags. The other benefit of this approach, is that Techorati will also pick up my tags.

Since I've also switched to Firefox 1.5, I used the new Firefox extension. It makes tagging a breeze!

There is also a cool foxylicious extension for adding your tags to your Firefox bookmarks. Hopefully Dietrich will add support for tag bundles in the near future.

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