Monday, November 14, 2005

XML 2005 Conference

The XML 2005 conference is finally here!I flew in to Atlanta yesterday, and am really looking forward to all of the great speakers and fellow XML'ers. The conference wiki is available at:

There is also a news page and Technorati tag:.

My interests, as you can tell by many of the posts on this blog, are: DocBook, XSLT, RelaxNG, Topic Maps, and Content Management. Some of the sessions I'm planning to attend include:

    • DocBook: From Markup to Publication
    • Cause-and-effect Web Application Development with XForms
    • New Ecology of the Semantic Web (Jim Hendler keynote)
    • XML and Web Services: Blueprint for NextGen Web Services (Steven Harris keynote)
    • Linking Outside the Box
    • Performance in XML Application Data Structures
    • Federated Identity Management: An Overview of Concepts and Standards
    • Microsoft's Language Integrated Query and XML
    • Benefits of Avoiding Runtime/Build-Time Distinctions for Metadata Vocabularies
    • Intro to DITA
    • Plugging into the pervasive XML Infrastructure (Soumitra Sengupta keynote)
    • The future of XML Information Management (Robert Picciano keynote)
    • Your schema and the industry-standard schema
    • XQuery By Example: Making O'Reilly Books Sing and Dance
    • XSL Transform Self-Documentation
    • XML Authoring Panel
    • XSLT Throughout the Document Lifecycle
    • Global large-scale stylesheet deployment case study
    • Unit Testing in XSLT 2.0
    • Automated mass production of XSLT stylesheets
    • Developing a Business Case for XML-based Content Management Systems
    • The eXtensibility Manifesto: A Blueprint for XML Implementation
    • DITA Case Study: Encoding the Joseph Smith Papers
    • Reaching New Levels of Interoperability and Collaboration with DITA
    • Everyone's Using XML, but Does Anyone Care? (David Megginson keynote)
    • RESTful Web Services: building them without tears, SOAP, or WSDL

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