Wednesday, August 03, 2005

eXtreme parsing: Saxon 8.5 now available!

Michael Kay has just released the Saxon 8.5 parser, in time for eXtreme Markup, too! (wish I could be there...)

Saxon is by far the most powerful, and speedy XSLT parser I've ever used. Sure, I started with Xalan, but after working a lot with the DocBook stylesheets, Saxon is the best way to go. To be fair, I have also used xsltproc, but Saxon is usually my first "go to" parser.

Oleg Tkachenko's blog has a much deeper explanation of new features, but basically Saxon 8.5 provides:

  • hash join optimization for both XSLT and XQuery
  • binary disk representation of validated source documents
  • sequential XSLT processing of input documents without reading the whole document into memory for serial transformations
  • integrated processing of an entire directory of files using John Cowan's Tag Soup parser

You can download the latest version of Saxon at:

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